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Modern Governor app for iOS & Android

A searchable, cross-referenced, offline glossary for school governance, plus book extracts & the full text of relevant blogs on governance and education.

The free Modern Governor app supports school governors and trustees with a useful glossary of commonly-used terms in education – including as many of the acronyms you’ll come across as we can find – plus a customisable reader of the leading blogs on governance. Blog posts are downloaded into the app so you can read the latest news and views on governance from across the education & policy landscape.

A section covering Books on Governance gives access to book reviews and exclusive extracts from leading books for governors, which can be read right in the app, along with discount codes to purchase these books with significant discounts.

The app also provides easy access to our website, and further resources, making sure all the information you’ll need for effective governance is there just when you need it.

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The Modern Governor mobile app on a Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus and iPhone 6

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