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#AskGove and Social Media and Schools

#AskGove and Social Media and Schools

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Twitter logo The best and the worst of social media is in the news this week.

Got a question for Michael Gove? Tweet #AskGove!

On 31st January the Education Committee will be questioning Michael Gove, and the MPs involved want to know what YOU would ask him.  What are your most pressing questions about Education?

To submit a question, send a tweet including the hashtag #AskGove by 11am on 27th January.

There sure are some interesting questions already being asked! I think this is a great way for people to send in their questions to Mr Gove.  Obviously there’s no guarantee that every question will be asked, but it demonstrates a willingness to harness the power of social media to hear what people really think.

Facebook logoTeachers warned over befriending pupils on Facebook

In the Guardian today: “More than one in 10 school teachers accused of misconduct last year had used social networking sites and email to forge inappropriate relationships with their pupils, an analysis of disciplinary cases has found.”

There’s no doubt that social media can be a powerful tool in education, but there is a gap in understanding both the risks and potential.

It’s important that everyone employed in an educational environment understands the risks associated with social media.  Having said that, inappropriate behaviour is inappropriate behaviour whether it takes place in person or online (and there will be policies already in place outlining what is/isn’t appropriate).

But does everyone in your school understand the risks and opportunities that social media brings?  Here’s what you can do – and be sure to share with the rest of your Governing Body:

  1. Download our free guides to Twitter and Facebook
  2. Watch our short videos “What is Social Media?” and “What is Twitter?
  3. Revisit some of our blogs about school governors and social media – the opportunities, and the risks and guiding principals
  4. Download our Social Media Guidance for School Governors which we prepared with NCOGS
  5. If you’ve got a Modern Governor subscription, take a look at our School Governors and Social Media e-learning module which contains handy template social media policies

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