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Breaking Through the 1% Barrier!

Breaking Through the 1% Barrier!

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Man with up arrowI met with a potential new Modern Governor customer last week and we discussed how e-learning could be used at their authority. The people I met were really keen to use e-learning, understanding immediately how they could use it to a) save money and b) train more Governors.

I was then left speechless (which hardly ever happens!) when they told me that their existing e-learning provision (not Modern Governor!) was struggling badly and only receiving a 1% uptake by Governors…. 1 percent… seriously, you’d think more people would log on by accident!

After the initial shock we discussed why this might be – could it be that Governors aren’t interested? – no, they are keen to be trained and requests to Governor Services are consistently high. Do the Governors know about it? – yes, the Governor Services team promote the availability of the service using various communication channels.  Is the e-learning good? – no but it was all that they could afford at the time and they wanted to do something rather than nothing.

Ok so what is to be done?… here are some top tips for getting your Modern Governor subscription used widely by your Governing Bodies:

  1.  Talk about it – at all of your Governor conferences/meetings.  Distribute our simple “how-to” guide to all of your schools – perhaps to all your  Clerks/Chairs with a request to circulate at the next Governing Body meeting?  Can you mention it in your Governors newsletter?  Governors Association website?  Governor Training section on your authority website?  Need some help?  Contact me.
  2. Use it – have you and your colleagues in Governor Services used Modern Governor yet?  Give it a go and it will enable you to discuss it with your Governors
  3. Champion it – engage your Clerks, Training Link Governors and/or Chairs.   Do they know what Modern Governor is? Do they know how to access it? Do they know about the modules available? Do they need access to Modern Governor training reports for their Governing Bodies?
  4. Work it – allocate 15 minutes of each Governing Body meeting to look through a Modern Governor topic as a group.  All you need is internet access and a computer (or interactive whiteboard) – it’s a great way to bond as a group and identify the training areas you need to focus on.
  5. Blend it – Governors attending a face-to-face training session or workshop?  In the joining instructions, remind them that the topic is also available to view on Modern Governor (if it’s not and you think it should be, contact me).
  6. Fix it – forgotten username/password is the most common reason for inactivity (but most often overlooked).  Governors can reset these on our login screen or we can reset these for multiple Governors simultaneously and they’ll receive an email reminding them how to log in.  If you’d like to discuss this, contact me.

So there you are…..our experience is that Governors make great use of Modern Governor when they know it exists and are given the information they need… 1%…still can’t get over that!


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