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Building the Modern Governor Community

Building the Modern Governor Community

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Modern Governor is part of the wider Learning Pool family and we are focused on helping our members collaborate together.

We are especially proud that we’ve built the largest and most vibrant public sector learning community in the UK, where you can engage with over 8000 Learning and Development and IT professionals in any one of our 39 forum groups on the Learning Pool website. So much more can be achieved when people come together so whether you have a question, some tips to share or simply want to say ‘hello’, you’ll find we’re a helpful and friendly bunch.

If you are part of your Governor Services team then why not join our Modern Governor group? This Modern Governor Community Group can be used for:

* discussion about Modern Governor, e.g. what new content you would like to see made available and how we can improve on our existing content

*sharing good ideas and best practice that have helped you to reach your School Governors with Modern Governor

*discussion about how the Modern Governor DLEs can be used to reach those Governors who are unable to attend training courses

*questions about Modern Governor e.g. how it works and how it could be implemented in your authority

The main benefits of becoming a member of our community includes ensuring you don’t reinvent the wheel through collaborating with other like-minded people involved in Governor Services, making useful contacts you can utilise for advice and best practice and knowing that there’s a wider group of people outside of your own Governor Services team who you can engage with to make your own role easier.

Facebook and Twitter

We have also built up a large community around our Facebook and Twitter presence. This is where our main School Governor community hangs out online.

With over 2000 followers on Twitter, @moderngovernor has its finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest news and views out there amongst School Governors.

Over on Facebook we have over 450 “likes” for our mixture of articles, news items and comments on the world of school governing, and our thriving community regularly share their ideas and views on items in the national news or give help and support to other School Governors who post questions on our wall.

We are always striving to make our communities engaging and useful to those using them, so if you haven’t yet popped over to our Modern Governor group, then why not do so now? A warm welcome awaits you!

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