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BuyWays: procurement e-learning for schools

BuyWays: procurement e-learning for schools

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piggy-bank-and-hammer-300x220[1]Learning Pool has been working with the Department for Schools, Children and Families (DCSF) to create a schools procurement resource, known as BuyWays.

Like other areas of the public sector schools face increasing pressure to improve by making better use of available budgets.

Sound financial planning is essential for delivering improvements and effective procurement is at the heart of this.

The benefits of good basic procurement skills are not widely recognised in the schools sector even though such skills can save money and time.

Hear a podcast of Julie Hull, Head of Professional Development in Commercial Group at the DCSF explaining BuyWays and how it will help schools save money.

BuyWays is an e-learning course featuring six individual modules on procurement (see below).

The bite sized e-learning allows learners to dip in and out as their schedules permit.

It is available 24/7 and is free to all schools in England, courtesy of the DCSF. Who should take this course?

• School bursars and business managers
 • School administrators and support staff
• Teachers, Head teachers and School governors

BuyWays has been created for those directly involved in procurement or for those who want to find out more about how basic procurement skills can help efficiency.

BuyWays offers something for everyone. The information covered in the course is clear and straightforward, keeping jargon to a minimum and seeking to explain why procurement skills matter – perfect for those new to procurement.

More experienced procurement officers can use BuyWays as a handy ‘refresher’ for all the key procurement skills, for example contract law,

EU mandates or the process of managing a high value tender. Anyone who works in a school is eligible can access the course, for free.

To access BuyWays please visit and follow the registration procedure.

If you have any difficulties accessing this course, please call 0845 543 6033 or email

BuyWays was modelled on the successful ‘Passport to Procurement’ course previously developed for local authorities by Norfolk County Council’s Jane Waring.

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