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Changes to requirements about publishing school information

Changes to requirements about publishing school information

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From September schools will have to report the following information on Pupil Premium:

  • How much money the school has been allocated for the Pupil Premium in respect of the current academic year
  • how the school intends to spend the money
  • how it spent the allocation for the previous academic year
  • what impact the expenditure had on the attainment of those pupils in the school for whom the funding was allocated

If a school does not have its own website it must arrange for information to be published on another website and inform parents of the web address of that site.

From 1 September 2012, schools will no longer be required to publish a prospectus, but will be required to publish certain information or set out where parents can access that information on their website (i.e. admission arrangements, Key Stage 2 or 4 results, latest Ofsted report, DfE performance tables, curriculum information, the school’s behaviour policy, how the school meets the needs of children with special educational needs, the school’s charging policy). Some of this information will have previously been made available through a school’s prospectus, and many schools may well continue to publish it as part of a prospectus which can be found on a website.

Both these requirements as they relate to local authority maintained schools can be found in:   The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2008

Academies will also have to comply: see article 33B of the model funding agreement:   Mainstream Academy Model Fund Agreement

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