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Converting to Academy Status

Converting to Academy Status

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NGA New Modern Governor Module

Written in conjunction with the National Governors Association, Converting to Academy Status is the first in our series of modules aimed at Academies.

Academies are classed as ‘independent’ state schools. They are charitable companies limited by guarantee. Rather than being directly funded and accountable to the Local Authority (LA), they are funded and accountable to the Secretary of State.

The principles of governance are the same at an academy as at a maintained school, but the legal framework is different. Academies are charitable companies and as such have a trust body which is the de facto company and proprietor of the academy, and is responsible for the land and assets of the academy.

Converting to Academy Status is our introductory module giving a general overview of Academies aimed at those maintained schools wishing to convert.

In this module you’ll explore:

  • What an Academy is and who is responsible for one.
  • The basic duties of directors, trustees and members how the Academy Governing Bodies are regulated.
  • Key differences in finance, LA control, pay and staffing conditions, national curriculum and term length.
  • The steps needed and criteria for applying for Academy status, as well as financial issues surrounding Academy Status.
  • The implications of Central Government funding and the functions of GAG and LACSEG.

Emma Knights, Chief Executive Officer of the NGA commented

“The NGA thinks that it is incredibly important that governors have access to all the facts when making any important decision. In this module we have highlighted the important differences and key topics that governors should be thinking about before embarking on the road to academy status.”

A second module will be released shortly on Academy Governance. This looks at the key elements of an effective governing body, the constitution and procedures for running the governing body in an academy and staffing.

You will find Converting to Academy Status in Academies a new Modern Governor category in our catalogue.

Carol and Philip launch first Academy module

Carol (Modern Governor)and Philip (NGA) launch first Academy module at NGA Conference

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