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New Core Skills modules on leadership development

Image credit: 0879 RAF Cranwell Air Trainng Corp 75 JNMIP by Jessica Mulley - licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

New Core Skills modules on leadership development

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Subscribers to Modern Governor now have access to two new modules on leadership development. As with all Core Skills modules these modules are designed to be useful to governors and trustees both in their governance role along with any other responsibilities they may have in other organisations. The modules could be seen at being solely aimed at anyone new to the role of chair, but are widely applicable and could apply to vice-chairs and committee chairs as well.

Becoming an effective leader

This module aims to develop knowledge and understanding of effective leadership, so that individual obtain an understanding of our own ability to fulfil key responsibilities of the leadership role. It examines different models of leadership and looks at how to improve one’s own leadership skills. Its sections include:

  • Leadership styles;
  • Emotional intelligence (understanding in this area can be further developed in the separate Core Skills Emotional Intelligence module);
  • Setting direction and communicating this to others;
  • Motivating, delegation and empowering others;
  • Our own personal development

Here are some screens from the Becoming an effective leader module:

Developing your leadership style

This module develops on the ground covered in Becoming and effective leader and helps one develop one’s own leadership style to improve performance and that of our organisation.

While there is some overlap in the content across the two modules, its scope extends into areas such as coaching and performance reviews. Elements of the module could be useful in succession planning, for example for a chair working with a vice-chair in the lead up to a handover of responsibilities.It helps in understanding the outcomes of effective leadership, gives the ability to assess one’s own leadership styles, and learn the implications of those styles for oneself and one’s organisation. It also demonstrates how to assess and develop one’s own leadership behaviours and effectiveness. Its sections include:

  • Your leadership style;
  • Introduction to teamwork and the role of the leader;
  • Delegaton;
  • Coaching;
  • Reviewing performance and giving feedback;
  • My leadership style development plan.

Here are some screens from the Developing your leadership style module:

Accessing the modules

If your school or academy is a subscriber to Modern Governor then these modules are instantly available to you along with more than fifty other modules – simply log in as normal and either browse the Core Skills categories or search for them. If you’re not yet a subscriber then you can subscribe today – simply get in touch to enquire – or you can access five of the mobile-friendly modules in a few minutes by signing-up for a free thirty day trial.

Image credit: 0879 RAF Cranwell Air Trainng Corp 75 JNMIP by Jessica Mulley – licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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