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Additional Core Skills modules: Conflict resolution & Getting started with social media

Core Skills Conflict Resolution home screen

Additional Core Skills modules: Conflict resolution & Getting started with social media

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Once again the Modern Governor catalogue has expanded, with subscribers now having access to new modules which extend the Core Skills collection. Core Skills covers a range of ‘soft’ skills which aren’t tied to any particular sector or discipline, but can be used in a number of settings. As most governors and trustees have other responsibilities – whether in employment or other voluntary roles – subscribers are able to apply these modules to whichever context they find themselves in.

Conflict resolution

The first of the new modules adds to the Working with others Core Skills collection. The Conflict Resolution module offers a number of practical ways of dealing with professional disagreements which can escalate into something more substantial – and in the context of a governing board could lead to dysfunction or a breakdown in our ability to be effective. As governors and trustees we often have difficult decisions to make, which can lead to tension both within our boards and in the wider community around our institutions who may be affected by those decisions. The module looks at the causes and types of conflict that can arise in professional relationships and demonstrates best practice approaches to resolving conflicts, and show everyday measures that can help to prevent future problems.

The module is broken down into six sections:

  • Introductions – to the subject and the objectives of the module
  • Recognising the signs – tips & techniques on how to quickly recognise when conflict has arisen
  • The protagonists – how our approach to managing conflict may be shaped by the parties involved
  • Root causes – looking at the deep-lying motives which can make conflict difficult to pinpoint
  • Managing the conflict – different approaches which can be taken to alleviate conflict in a professional environment
  • Preventing future conflict – some key points and practical case studies to illustrate best practice
Home screen of Modern Governor Core Skills Getting Started with Social Media

The home screen of Modern Governor’s Core Skills: Getting Started with Social Media module

Getting started with social media

This module sits within the Communication Skills collection of Core Skills, and complements the governor-specific School governors and social media module already available to Modern Governor subscribers. It doesn’t deal with governor-specific issues but instead offers a grounding in a range of social media tools. Your organisation may already be using some or all of these – and hence you might wish to catch up, or you may simply want to understand these tools better so you can take part in those conversations which use them.

The module is broken down into nine sections:

  • What is social media and why does it matter? – what social media is, the role it can play, some benefits, pitfalls and strategies
  • Using Facebook – how Facebook works & how to use it as a marketing and communications tool
  • Using Twitter – the advantages of promoting your account and creating communities
  • Using LinkedIn– the advantages of LinkedIn and how to create organisational pages and events
  • Using video – recording and uploading video, and using video content as a marketing tool
  • Blogging – what blogging is, and what you need to think about before creating your own blog
  • Case studies – some real-life examples where social media has been used to good effect
  • Next steps – a summary of popular social media tools and how to get the most from them
  • Knowledge check – testing yourself on what you’ve learned
New module tools

Along with other newly-released modules – including Finance for non-financial managers detailed previously – the Conflict Resolution and Getting started with social media modules allow a user to search the text of the module for articles and elements containing a particular word or phrase – as demonstrated below:

Accessing the modules

If your school or academy is a subscriber to Modern Governor then these modules are instantly available to you along with more than fifty other modules – simply log in as normal and either browse the Core Skills categories or search for them. If you’re not yet a subscriber then you can subscribe today – simply get in touch to enquire – or you can access five of the mobile-friendly modules in a few minutes by signing-up for a free thirty day trial.

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