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Modern Governor – Core Skills modules

Core Skills for governors and trustees

Modern Governor is the leading provider of online professional development for school governors and academy trustees. Its subscription-based mobile-friendly modules enable governors and trustees from all sections of the community to take a professional approach to their strategic role in schools and academies. Alongside Modern Governor’s current modules on the issues and practice around governance, all of our subscribers will now be able to access Modern Governor Core Skills – a brand new range of e-learning modules to help individuals develop the essential skills required to work effectively as part of a governing board. These modules reflect our core belief that if individuals are more effective in their own personal and professional lives then they will be more effective in their voluntary roles as governors and trustees, by better applying and working out their knowledge of governance.

Screenshots of Modern Governor's Core Skills modules in action on desktop,  laptop, tablet and smartphone devices.

Modern Governor’s Core Skills modules in action on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices.

Selected highlights from Modern Governor Core Skills:
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Change management (four modules)
  • Assert yourself
  • Communicating change
  • Effective writing
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Public speaking
  • Managing yourself and your time
  • Managing your priorities
  • What is leadership?


Explore the modules in more depth

If you’re a Modern Governor subscriber – either through your local authority governor support service, academy chain, multi-academy trust or as an individual school or academy – then you have access to Core Skills modules right now at no extra cost. If you take out a new subscription then you and your fellow governors and trustees can access the  available modules immediately. If you’re unsure about subscribing, you can take a free, no obligation 30 day trial and get access to representative modules from Modern Governor’s catalogue of modules on governance, plus modules from the Core Skills collection.

As further collections of Core Skills modules are released each will be detailed in a blog post here on the Modern Governor site, so either browse all of the Core Skills posts or subscribe to the Modern Governor blog by email.


Forthcoming: the Modern Governor Passport

All mine 🙂 by Baigal Byamba – licensed under CC-BY 2.0.

In the near future Modern Governor will enable governors to collect together their certificates from their Modern Governor modules in a professional development passport for governors & trustees – with completion of modules and groups of modules earning ‘stamps’ in their passport, which can be shown to any future governing boards to which a governor might apply and will also be visible via online networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Use of the passport for chairs & aspiring governors

If you’ve been through the process of recruiting governors and have sifted through CVs or interviewed candidates (as recommended by the NGA) – or wanted to become a governor at a school and been on the other side of that process – then a shareable passport will allow you as a chair to see candidates’ commitment to their own professional development. If you’re a propsective governor then it will allow you to demonstrate to schools and academies that you take your role as a governor seriously.  This passport will provide evidence of professional development – the topics covered, dates when it was undertaken and some detail of the skills and knowledge a governor has acquired – and, for the technically minded, will use the Open Badges framework to hold and share this information. Stay tuned for further updates throughout this academic year or sign up for a free trial of Modern Governor to stay ahead of the game.