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DfE Review of School Efficiency – Your Views Needed by 10/05

DfE Review of School Efficiency – Your Views Needed by 10/05

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Last year we at Modern Governor helped the Department for Education to run and publicise their Governors’ Survey into effective financial management and procurement.  This proved tremendously popular and helped to inform the DfE of Governors’ opinions and attitudes towards school finance management.

In the Budget Statement 2013, Government announced a review of school efficiency.  To inform that review, DfE are seeking information from anyone involved in the processes and decisions that impact on a school’s efficiency – “the relationship between spending decisions and outcomes, and ensuring that limited resources are used to the best possible effect.

Effective governance – the roles and engagement of governors and governing bodies, and their relationships with school leaders and management teams – is clearly a critical factor in how schools identify efficient ways of working and achieving their core objectives.  The DfE wants to know your views, experiences and ideas about current structures and working arrangements, examples of how these improve efficiency in your schools, the barriers or disincentives to getting efficient outcomes, and how schools can be supported or strengthened to maximise their individual efficiencies.

The DfE have asked us at Modern Governor to help them to publicise this review.  The review is outlined on the DfE website here –

The closing date for evidence is 10th May 2013, and the responses will form part of a DfE report on efficiency in schools which will be published in June 2013.  Evidence can be submitted in writing, or via an online consultation document of 12 questions – this can be found at –

If you would like to contribute to this open consultation, you can do so by:

a)      Completing the online response form linked above

b)      Emailing your response to:

c)      Leave a reply on this page.  I will collate all responses and pass them on to the DfE

Contact Julie Hull at DfE – – if you have any further questions about the review.

If you are going to reply on this page, these are the key questions for response.  It would help me tremendously if you could number your answers too – thank you!

1.  What is the scope of your role as a governor?  In particular, how are you involved in decisions about allocation of resources and/or financial efficiency?

2.  What do you / your governing body do that helps to support your school in securing better efficiency?

3.  How does your school benefit when the governing body is working efficiently – and can you quantify or measure this benefit in any way?

4.  What are the biggest obstacles to you / your governing body working efficiently?

5.  What can the Department for Education – or other organisations – do to remove these barriers, or help you / your governing body to deliver more effective outcomes for your school?

6.  Please indicate which of the following best describes you as a respondent:

  •  Maintained School
  •  Academy
  •  Primary School
  •  Middle School
  •  Secondary School
  •  All Through School
  •  HT/Principal
  •  Teacher
  •  Governor
  •  School Business Manager/Bursar
  •  Parent
  •  Teaching Union
  •  Local Authority
  •  Other (please specify)

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