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Doing Better for Less

Doing Better for Less

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Chancellor holding his case aloftWell, Wednesday was quite a day, wasn’t it? It felt like the nation was holding a collective breath until George Osborne rose from his seat to deliver the much-anticipated Spending Review

Poking through the opinions since then, it seems that no-one knows exactly how the Spending Review will affect the service to School Governors – apart from that local authorities will have a lot less money to deliver their existing package.  Schools may lose out as multiple funding streams are merged with the core school funding – and then there’s the pupil premium to decipher…..One thing’s for sure – the pressure is now on local authorities to deliver the same services with less money and, most likely, less people too.

Learning Pool‘s Director, Paul McElvaney, has already advised everyone not to panic – and advises some calm reflection and sensible planning.  e-Learning is an obvious win-win; but what’s vital is that your Governor training package delivers what your Governors need when they need it, that it meets expectations in terms of content quality, and that it engages the user. 

Here’s a reminder of how Modern Governor can help you to delight your Governors and make your Governor training budget go further:

  1. Our e-learning modules are truly interactive, well designed and focused on engaging your Governors. Modern Governor is not just e-reading – it is well built e-learning designed with the user in mind. We’ve built all our content in consultation with NGA, NCOGS and experts in Governance from all across the country.
  2. Modern Governor tracks usage of the e-learning so that users can see their progress against their training plan. Governors also get a certificate when they’ve completed the e-learning as a record that can be used for their OFSTED CPD evidence file. For local authorities, web-based reporting means that you can access training records any time and at no extra cost.
  3. We regularly review our content to make sure that it’s up to date, relevant and reflective of the latest challenge in school Governance. Whether its a change of government or a new piece of legislation, the Modern Governor team is focused on growing and developing the content. Our in-house experts in Governance also monitor the content monthly so that our full-time team can respond as things change.  And because we develop the modules using Learning Pool’s “authoring tool”, we can update our modules quickly and efficiently.
  4. Community is at the heart of everything we do and Modern Governor is a key part of Learning Pool: the UK’s largest public sector learning community. That means Modern Governor customers have ready access to an online community willing to provide advice, share best practice and offer support to other people facing the same changes.
  5. Almost 50% of COGS are using Modern Governor as part of their SLA to all types of schools. We’re proud of this achievement as Modern Governor was launched less than 2 years ago. We also have many customers who recommend our service to others and our testimonials are growing every day.
  6. We pride ourselves on our fast-track set up process. New customers are set up within days and Governors can be learning almost immediately after deciding to subscribe.

For great examples of how Modern Governor can help you to help your Governors, take a look at the case studies on City of York, Wiltshire and others.

Want to know more? Want to have a look at Modern Governor for yourself? Get in touch!


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