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E-learning for School governors: discount scheme announced

E-learning for School governors: discount scheme announced

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Elaine MG RefreshWith most local authorities planning now for 2010 a few Modern Governor customers have been asking us whether we’ll be increasing our prices.

The GOOD news is that we won’t be increasing our prices.  They’ll remain at £99 per secondary school and £89 for primary and other schools for 12 months access when purchased through your local authority.

The GREAT news is that we’ll be offering all existing and new customers an incentive scheme. 

What is it, and who is it for?
It’s an incentive scheme open to both existing and new customers. 

How does it work and what discount do you get?
The discount scheme is based on the percentage of schools within your Local Authority who sign up to Modern Governor. 

Most Local Authorities, but not all, have a service level agreement in place with their schools for Governor Services. 

Our discount is based either on the number of schools who sign up to this SLA or on the total number of schools within an LA if no SLA is in place.

Percentage of SLA

(or total number of schools where no SLA)


50 – 75%


75 – 100%


Example 1 – LA’s with SLA
Local authority A has 100 schools in total, with 97 schools in their SLA. 

Of these 97 schools, 90 sign up to Modern Governor which equates to 93%

So, based on the table above, Local Authority A will receive a 15% discount on their Modern Governor subscription

 Example 2
LA2 has 50 schools but do not have an SLA

Of the 50 schools, 30 sign up to Modern Governor = 60%

LA2 will receive a 10% discount on their Modern Governor subscription

Why have you introduced this scheme?
We appreciate that public sector budgets have to work harder than ever to deliver tangible returns so we’re very happy to reward our existing customers with this offer. 

We also want to encourage new customers to sign up to Modern Governor and to encourage a higher uptake of Modern Governor by schools within each LA that subscribes to Modern Governor.

When does the incentive scheme start?
The discount is open to all new subscribers signing up, or existing customers renewing after 1st October 2009. 

Will you be offering retrospective discounts to existing customers?
No – when a local authority subscribes to Modern Governor they do so for 12 months.  This means that the sooner schools accept the offer of Modern Governor from the local authority the sooner they can have access to all the e-learning courses Modern Governor has to offer.

Are any other discounts available?
Not based on number of schools signing up.  If your LA would like to sign up for 2 years or more, we offer discounts for this – please contact for further information

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