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FREE Breakfast Briefing – the Countdown Continues……

FREE Breakfast Briefing – the Countdown Continues……

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Woman with computerNext up in our countdown to our FREE Modern Governor Breakfast Briefing, is, erm, me!

I’ve had various e-learning roles since 2003 – sales, product development, project manager, account manager, learning support, learning consultant, technical support – and managed roll-outs across sectors like hospitality, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, public sector……

The audience-numbers may have varied – anything from 1-50000 users in the 1st year of implementation  – but one thing has remained a constant.

Lots of people get scared.

  • Scared that e-learning will mean the end of their training department
  • Scared that no-one will be able to use the e-learning software
  • Scared that people will love the technology so much that they forget to talk to each other
  • Scared that everybody on the internet will know that they got question number 5 on page 4 wrong…….

I could talk all day about why these fears are unfounded (but don’t worry, I won’t).

Instead, what I hope to do is talk about what developments have taken place in Modern Governor (and why they are so groovy); explain why we do the things we do and provide you with some good old fashioned evidence that e-learning works!

I’ll also try to come up with some new jokes.

Find out more on 21st September in Birmingham….. have you booked your place yet?  Hurry – they’re nearly all gone!

Click here to register – looking forward to seeing you there!


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