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Governance-a view from the trenches

Governance-a view from the trenches

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 Donald Clark

Donald Clark, School Governor and revered e-learning commentator, spoke at our recent Modern Governor event in London.

Donald’s engaging and refreshing speech covered his own personal experiences as governor as well as his experiences in his corporate career.

Donald described two main  frustrations he saw with governor training:

Governor training pain points
• the tyranny of time – finding the time to attend training courses on evenings and at weekends

 •the tyranny of location – getting to the training venues, often in remote locations

Other pain points Donald identified were overly-long meetings and an abundance of paperwork. And not one person in the room disagreed with him!

Blended approach to governor training
Donald’s words enforced just how crucial it is for school governance to deliver cost-effective, flexible training which every governor can access anytime and anywhere.

Modern Governor has been so successful in engaging governors for these reasons.

That’s not to say that Modern Governor will replace all face-to-face training – everybody learns differently and group learning can be very effective. Many LEA’s we know say their successful governor training is based on a blended approach to learning.

View photos of our event here  to view the video see here

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