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Governor Live review: Considerations for Conversion Introduction

Governor Live review: Considerations for Conversion Introduction

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The first in the series of Governor Live Considerations for Conversion events was held on Thursday the 29th of October 2016. Christine Bayliss from C:BECS, Michelle Gray from berg and Karen Rae from Armstrong Watson – our panel of presenters who will also be sharing advice in the following three Considerations for Conversion events – gave an introduction to the practical reality of academisation aimed at supporting governors and governing bodies who are considering how to approach this issue. Here’s how the evening unfolded:

Outline of the event:

Here’s how the event proceeded – once you’ve read the questions, scroll down further for the recordings:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation by Christine Bayliss of C:BECS
  • Presentation by Michelle Gray of berg
  • Presentation by Karen Rae of Armstrong Watson
  • Q&A addressing the following questions (a selection of those asked by participants):
    • Regarding improving education – what would you expect this to look like?
    • What evidence is there of improved outcomes for existing ‘good’ schools?
    • If there is a pension deficit in the LEA pension scheme for support staff, what are the financial implications that the Trust take on at conversion?
    • Our site has buildings used by the LA and the MoD, which are administered by third parties.  We expect our legal bill re land ownership to be huge.  Who pays for this?
    • Is the role of Responsible Officer still appropriate?
    • Is there any evidence as to benefits/disadvantages of large or small MATs?
  • Evaluations and Thanks for attending

Presentation slides

Here are slides from the main presentation, reproduced and shared with the presenters’ permission:

View the recordings of Considerations for Conversion – Introduction

There are two versions of the recording available:

Flash-based – non-mobile friendly, searchable, more interactive

View this recording from the Modern Governor Adobe Connect server – this version is searchable with built-in bookmarks, but requires Adobe Flash, hence it won’t be viewable on a tablet or smartphone.

YouTube – mobile-friendly

View the recording on the Modern Governor YouTube channel – due to editing some of the dropouts the audio isn’t perfectly synced towards the end of the recording, but this doesn’t have a huge impact as everything is still clear.

Future Considerations for Conversion events

As outlined in this session, there are currently three more Considerations for Conversion events planned – all on Thursday evenings at 8pm for an hour:

  • 17th November 2016 – Practical conversion timescales
  • 1st December 2016 – Leading a MAT
  • 8th December 2016 – Joining a MAT

To register for these visit – and visit for an archive of all Governor Live-related information, now and in the future. Once you’ve registered for one of these, the same login information will give you access to all future events if you’d like to attend them.

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