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Governor Live Review: Employment law update

Governor Live Review: Employment law update

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Michelle Gray

The second Governor Live of 2017 took place last Thursday evening, the 9th of March. Michelle Gray – education partner and head of employment law at berg – spent about twenty-five minutes going through some upcoming issues around employment law and HR which those involved in governance and leadership should be aware of, including:

  • the basics of employment in schools & academies;
  • the National Funding Formula;
  • the Apprenticeship Levy.
  • Gender Pay Gap reporting requirements;
  • some updates on Case Law.

This was then followed by an extensive time of questions and discussion. The slides from and recording of the event are further down the page.Karen Rae of Armstrong Watson was unable to join us, but will be leading four of the ten Governor Live in-depth events which were announced during Thursday’s session.

Presentation slides

Here are the slides from Michelle’s presentation, reproduced and shared with permission:

Questions asked by participants

  • What are the implications of the new IR35 regs for schools?
  • Can staff governors be involved in staff issues during meetings?
  • Re: Gender Pay Gap reporting – as a maintained school, will the LA request additional information from our SBM?
  • Does the GPG apply to a foundation school?
  • In relation to gender pay gap reporting 250 employees – is that employees or posts?
  • If part of a MAT does the GPG information have to published only on the MAT website or does it have to go on each relevant school’s website?
  • My school is part of a multi-faith academy trust. So, would we need to count staff across all schools involved?

Links shared from slides and during the discussion

Watch the recording

The recording is available on the Modern Governor YouTube channel:

The next Governor Live session: Budgeting basics for governors

On Thursday the 23rd of March at 8pm Karen Rae from Armstrong Watson will be presenting the next Governor Live session entitled Budgeting basics for governors. Here’s her introduction to this session:

Karen Rae

“This event will help to dispel the myth that budgeting is difficult. We will cover key aspects of information gathering, who should be involved in the budgeting process and the information which formulates the year end budget. We’ll provide a practical step by step guide through both worked examples of how to put your budget together and the interpretation of actuals budget will support you with this crucial management information tool. As with all Modern Governor sessions there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and Q&A regarding those regular issues that you face whilst preparing school budgets, particularly within the current funding constraints.”

Register for Budgeting basics for governors here and don’t forget to browse the extensive list of upcoming Governor Live events – all free to sign up for and take part in, and open to governors, trustees and senior leadership teams.

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