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Governor Services Innovation – Monmouthshire Council

Governor Services Innovation – Monmouthshire Council

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Human hands and young plantA massive well done to the Governor Services team at Monmouthshire Council.

They’ve recently recorded a series of videos to help Governors learn more about their role in their own time.

Wendy Barnard, Senior Support Services Officer stars in the first of a series of films planned:

“We felt that a small amount of our time making short videos giving governors key information would be valuable to governors. Those who already do the job can remind themselves of what they have to do to be effective and those who can’t always make it to meetings and training sessions don’t miss out. With video governors can rewind and stop the video if they need to make notes and also access information that we’ve made short and to the point.

“We use equipment available to all staff at the council to make the film so the only cost is our time.

“We’ve had good feedback from governors on the first one we made so we’re going to make a series of films tackling the issues that matter to those who do the job.”

You can view the videos on the Monmouthshire Council Governor Services page.

What do you think? Does your Governor Services team do this? Would you find it useful? Let me know your thoughts.

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  • Mrs M Hatcher
    Posted at 06:53h, 25 January Reply

    When are the Planning Committee meetings going to be filmed? The general public can’t always attend these meetings due to work and other commitments. If the meetings were on line then as you’ve stated in this article about tackling issues that matter to the MCC for people to do their jobs, well people with planning applications going before committees matter also, and as you already have the resources inhouse, why isn’t there transparency and openess in sharing this information?

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