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Governors on the Hook for School Uniform Prices

Governors on the Hook for School Uniform Prices

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school uniformIt’s that time of year again. Everyone from High St retailers to supermarkets like Asda and Tesco are advertising deals on school uniforms.

But despite the deals, not every parent will be able to take advantage of the discounted prices. The LGA quotes research showing that nearly a fifth of parents can only buy the requisite uniforms from a single supplier, or the school itself – meaning they miss out on the bargains availble to others.

The Responsibility of School Governors

School governors have a legal responsibility not to disadvantage children – and could potentially face action under competition laws if they fail to ensure that choice is available.

It may sound like a minor point but a recent report suggested that the average parent will spend nearly £700 a year on clothing, equipment and other costs for a primary school child – rising to almost £1200 per child in secondary school.

Save the Children figures that about a quarter of  low-income households with school-aged children will go into debt to cover these costs.

So What Can Be Done?

The LGA suggests three things:

  • Ensuring that there are at least two suppliers of school uniforms for your school
  • Supplying school symbols and logos that can be sewn onto uniforms
  • Give parents the chance to purchase second hand uniforms

What are your thoughts?

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