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Governors required..

Governors required..

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SGOSS – Governors for schools have recently launched a new campaign* aimed at recruiting more school governors called  We’re the people (read more in our recent blog post)  and the campaign has attracted some media attention and been linked to from a variety of sites including the folllowing.

But its not just about recruiting new school governors, its about recruiting the right school governors. Governors need to represent the wider school community and bring all kinds of different perspectives from ‘ordinary’ life. They need to bring the skills and abilities that the school requires, and be a “critical friend” so it is not simply a matter of finding people willing to be governors, but about finding the right people to be governors.

At a time when schools are facing many complex challenges, changes in the curriculum, examinations and structure of governance to name but a few, recruiting the right person is extremly important.

What makes a good governor?

  • They should be able to offer strategic leadership as well as challenging performance
  • Be willing to make the necessary time commitment to fully understand complex educational issues
  • Must want children to enjoy school and to achieve the best they can
  • Be willing to accept responsibility and make difficult decisions
  • Be confident enough to articulate their views and not be overwhelmed by longer serving members of the governing body

Lack of understanding about the role of governors is one of the most cited reasons for people not taking on the role. So Modern Governor has produced a free module that anyone can look at about becoming a school governor, it can be found here.

We have modules for The New Governor, one that covers some of the most frequently asked questions, and Modern Governor subscribers can view My Role as a Governor here

*Find out more from the SGOSS website  and Facebook page.


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