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Have you had your breakfast today?

Have you had your breakfast today?

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mum with child eating breakfast

Parents ‘failing to give children breakfast’ This news item on the BBC website caught my attention this morning, ironically as I was having my breakfast.

Parents without the “time or inclination” to make breakfast for their children are blamed for more pupils going to school hungry. The lack of food before school – or only snacking on unhealthy food – means that pupils arrive unable to concentrate and more likely to behave badly.

A survey from Kellogg’s found that four out of five teachers in England have seen examples of pupils starting school without having eaten any breakfast.  “Parental apathy” was identified as the biggest single cause – followed by a shortage of money.

There are now over 500 Breakfast Clubs in English schools funded by Kellogg and the number of requests for support are rising. Last month, teachers at a primary school in Bristol took over the funding of breakfasts for 130 pupils after a charity providing the meals went bust.

Karin Woodley, head of the ContinYou education charity, said: “Many families are really struggling financially and, in extreme cases, this means that there simply isn’t enough food to go round. Breakfast clubs can provide a lifeline for these families so we’re extremely concerned to hear that many are being forced to close.”

Do you think it is important for governors to be concerned about this worrying trend? Does your school have a Breakfast Club? would you consider putting aside some of your school budget to fund one?

Find out about starting a breakfast club here

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