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LGiU Survey of Children’s Services Leaders

LGiU Survey of Children’s Services Leaders

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(This was first published on the LGiU blog)

“The LGiU conducted a survey of 80 Lead Members and Directors of Children’s Services in August 2011 in partnership with NUT and Unison. The survey focused on the future of local government’s role in the changing education system. It found that:

1.Two-fifths of respondents expect 80 per cent or more of secondary schools in their area will choose to convert to academy status within three years

2. Nearly all respondents believe that performing a “strong, strategic role” in education will require councils to have the following additional powers:

  • intervene in a poorly performing academy
  • approve academy admission arrangements
  • direct that a child is admitted to an academy
  • name academies in School Attendance Orders
  • charge an academy for pupils attending council-funded alternative provision.

3. Respondents expect that meeting the resource challenge presented by academy conversions will require:

  • councils to continue back office reform, commission charities and the private sector, and establish employee mutuals
  • councils to compete to provide services in other areas (50 per cent of respondents)
  • maintained schools to pay more for traded services (74 per cent of respondents)
  • councils to reduce the range of school support services available to maintained schools (64 per cent of respondents)

4. Nearly all respondents were optimistic about the prospects of establishing positive relationships with academies. Ninety per cent of respondents believe academies will continue to purchase council-provided services.”

To see the full report, just click on the image below.

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