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Lord Hill confirms DfE funding for SGOSS until 2015

Lord Hill confirms DfE funding for SGOSS until 2015

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A Guest Blog from SGOSS,  The school governor recruitment charity, set up by the Department for Education to provide free services for volunteers, schools and employers.


Tuesday 13th November was a significant day in the SGOSS calendar.

The Changing Face of School Governance event held at Tower Bridge was an opportunity to showcase the new logo and identity and talk to companies, volunteers and supporters about their exciting plans for the future.

Lord Hill, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools, said “SGOSS does a great job bringing the world of work and education closer together and has successfully placed more than 14,000 business people as governors in schools and Academies. I am glad to say that we will therefore be supporting them financially for the rest of this Parliament.

Governing bodies have a crucial role to play in driving up school performance. This is a tough job and SGOSS can help them find people with the skills they need. I want to make the job of governors easier and more rewarding to do by reducing the burdens we place on them.”

Also speaking at the event were Reverend Martin Dudley, Chairman of Community and Children’s Services Committee for the Corporation of London, and Clifford Burroughs, SGOSS Chair. Mr Burroughs set out SGOSS’s vision for giving schools access to the volunteers with the skills that can help them to drive school improvement. He said:

“Moving forward into a changing educational climate, it is more important than ever that governing bodies challenge themselves on whether they are making a difference.”

Find out more about SGOSS on their website

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