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Model Policies

Model Policies

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Over on the Modern Governor Facebook page, someone asked recently about an Equality and Diversity policy.  This got me thinking last week about providing a page full of template policies that governing bodies could download and adapt for themselves.

As if by magic, Clerk to Governors published a blog that same day about model policies.  I think this is really useful – what do you think?

Model Policies

This post contains links to template or “model” policies from a number of Local Authorities.  These could be adapted for use by your Governing Body. Other examples are welcomed – please add the links to the Comment box below.

Which policies do we need to have? Annex 2 of The Guide to the Law (current August 2011) contains a list of policies and other documents required by law.

Which ones are not statutory? DfE guidance clarifies that although a Curriculum Policy must be agreed by the Governing Body, the individual subject policies are not themselves statutory:
“Under the Education (School Government) (Terms of Reference) (England) Regulations 2000, governing bodies and headteachers are required to produce a curriculum policy. The approach should be ‘broad brush’ – it is not intended for this policy to be a detailed map of all secular curriculum activities. The policy should set out the principles underpinning the curriculum and reflect the school’s commitment to developing all aspects of their pupils’ lives. It allows schools to state values and aims as well as the general principles governing their approaches to issues such as inclusion and cross-­curricular learning. As a guide, it is expected that normally the policy could be set out on a single page of continuous writing. The Regulations make the headteacher responsible for preparing the policy and reviewing it annually. The governing body must consider and agree the policy and monitor and review its implementation.”

How often must a policy be reviewed and by whom? It is largely up to each Governing Body to decide the cycle of review for each policy, and whether this should be delegated to individuals or committees. The two Guides to Policies produced by Swindon and Wst Berkshire (see below) give more advice on this. (Many GBs review their Safeguarding Policy annually – but is this a statutory requirement, or good practice, or unnecessary caution?) Check the Decision Planner for guidance on which responsibilities can be delegated.

Model policies available from Local Authority Governor Services:

Huge thanks to “Clerkie” for posting this useful round-up – you can view the original post on the Clerk to Governors blog.

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  • Graham Dopheide
    Posted at 10:28h, 15 November Reply

    Elaine – this is really useful, but it looks like some of the sites are now user id / password access only. But thanks for the post, it’s got some useful templates on it 🙂

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