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Modern Governor builds an e-learning community at NGA Conference

Modern Governor builds an e-learning community at NGA Conference

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NGA Community

National Governors’ Association (NGA) events are always eagerly anticipated by the Modern Governor team– we get to meet the rather fabulous NGA team, check out a lovely venue and catch up with our customers and their colleagues.

Banner up, badges on and computers set up, we were ready for the day.

Our first chat of the day was with National Co-ordinators of Governor Services  (NCOGS) David Marriott of Wiltshire County Council. A great speech was delivered by David about ‘The State of Governance’.  

The main issues covered by the NCGSC chair included training for chairpersons, professional clerking, the relationship between School Improvement Partners and Governors, and the whereabouts of the Report on Governance. 

David also claimed to have run up the 175 steps from Russell Square tube station without stopping! 

Further details on speakers and their presentation slides can be found on the NGA website here.

During the day, a succession of our old and new friends came to say hello and hear a bit more about Modern Governor’s recent developments. Top of everyone’s concerns was budgetary cuts in the current financial unease. 

Modern Governor e-learning enables Governor Services and Local Education Authorities to target their resources where they matter most by delivering just-in-time training cost-effectively.  No wonder we were busy!

As well as talking with people about delivering great governor training, we also met some new people keen to become more involved with the Modern Governor community. 

Building a sharing ethos through guest-blogging, networking at our events and helping to develop new content are areas where people can get involved.

The day ended, as most events in London do, with people having to rush for the tube and trains – but the vast majority stayed on until the end to chat with us and their colleagues from across the country. 

It’s indicative of how highly these events are valued that people were happy to brave rush-hour transport!

by Elaine

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