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The Modern Governor mobile app v1.0 in detail

Version 1 of the Modern Governor app on an iPhone 4

The Modern Governor mobile app v1.0 in detail

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This month has seen the first release of the Modern Governor mobile app into both the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Version 1.0 is a straightforward Glossary application – designed to provide easy access to many of the educational terms which governors (and others) might encounter in thir work in and around schools.

Using the app

The app offers a cross-referenced & searchable educational glossary, with external links for further reading from most of the glossary items. Where appropriate the items are cross-referenced with other entries listed at the foot of the page, so you can (for example) jump from Local Authority to Maintained school to Free School to Foundation school to Foundation governor to Governing body to IEB without having to return to an index or even search. However, if you do want to search, then the search function will match words (or parts of words) in both the terms and definitions of the glossary:

Updating content – automatically or manually

Version 1.0 of the app has a very simple Settings screen which can be accessed by your Android device’s menu or the ‘gear’ option to the right of the search box on iOS:

The first time you install the app, it will check to see if there are any updates – note that these aren’t updates to the app itself, rather updates to the content, e.g. the list of titles and associated definitions within the glossary. Once that’s done,the app is set up by default to check for updates once a week. This means that if legislation changes, or if there are major or even minor revisions to the content, your app will download them on a weekly basis (subject to an internet connection being available), rather than you having to download a new version of the entire app from the appropriate store. This should be a quick process.

It’s our plan to keep the content of the Glossary as up-to-date as possible and so you should assume that the weekly content update should be enough. If there is a need to significantly update the content then we will tweet it from @ModernGovernor and you can perform a manual update from the settings screen, if you want the updated content right now.

Your feedback

Making a useful tool for any governor is our overriding aim in this development.  The mobile apps team at Learning Pool – the skills behind this – have the capabilities to do almost anything we want with an app to support governors. That said, we’re keen that this work is focused on making a difference to the effectiveness of governing bodies – something that matches exactly what the Modern Governor e-learning modules are all about. So, if you have any feedback, or comments, or ideas for the sorts of tools and applications that should be in governor’s pockets, then you can

  • email us at 
  • leave a comment below
  • post a rating or review on the App’s page on the Google Play or iTunes App stores

The same applies if you find what you think is something inaccurate in the content – this can be changed very easily and then added to the app straightaway – so please send any suggestions, observations and improvements to

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