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Modern Governor Tips – #2 Registration and Logging In

Modern Governor Tips – #2 Registration and Logging In

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Green question markSecond in our series of tips to help you get the most of a Modern Governor subscription.

This may seem a really obvious point, but in the hustle-bustle of everyday life it’s often overlooked.

Do your Governors all know how to access Modern Governor?

If not, they won’t be able to use any of the modules.  They may become frustrated and wonder what other governors are talking about during meetings.  This is especially true for new governors – they’ll be trying to understand a whole load of new jargon, and maybe feeling a little overwhelmed.

Here’s a few ideas to make sure that everyone knows how to register and login:

If you’re a Governing Body:

  1. Put governor training on every agenda.  If you have a Training Link Governor they’re the ideal person to be responsible for keeping everyone informed about Modern Governor.
  2. If not, perhaps the Clerk would circulate registration information with the meeting minutes or agenda?

If you’re part of the local authority Governor Services team:

  1. Place the instructions on your Governance section of your council website
  2. Include the instructions in any training brochures issued to schools or governors
  3. If you offer a Clerking service, include the instructions in meeting agendas and/or minutes
  4. Talk about Modern Governor during any face to face governor training courses – and especially during new Governor induction courses
  5. Include Modern Governor in your termly newsletters

And here are those all-important instructions (click the image below to download/print):

How to access Modern Governor

#1 – First Things First

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