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Modern Governor Top Tips – #3 Learn Together

Modern Governor Top Tips – #3 Learn Together

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Green question markThis is the third in our series of Top Tips to help you get the most out of a Modern Governor subscription.

A reason why face to face training is well-regarded is that it gives Governors an opportunity to network and learn from each other.  By the same token, one of the reasons our e-learning is appreciated is that it gives Governors ownership of their training needs.  It’s always available, and they can access it whenever they need to.

Why not combine the two?

Do you have an interactive whiteboard in school? (I think I can guess the answer…)

Set aside 10-15 minutes in each Governing Body meeting for all Governors to go through a topic together.  Use someone’s login details or create a special one for full Governing Body e-learning sessions.

Align the topic to another item on the agenda – for example, if you’re reviewing your school Equal Opportunities policy, take a look together at our Equality and Diversity module.  If you’re examining pupil exclusions, work through our Admissions and Discipline module.  For SFVS (which will be a brand new topic to everyone), use our School Finance module to ensure everyone understands the new standards.

You don’t have to work through the whole module together; just taking 10-15 minutes to review the key parts together could highlight further training needs, which Governors can either complete on their own at home or in future group sessions.  It can also encourage new Governors to learn more so that they can make a greater contribution to the next meeting (and it will introduce them to Modern Governor, too – just make sure they know how to register and login at home).

Learn together, then encourage Governors to login as themselves later on to complete the assessment so that they can print off a certificate of their achievement.

Talk about the points raised within the modules.  Were they what you expected? Or were there some misconceptions? Has the module raised any points which you need to check at the school before the next meeting? Maybe it will highlight a further training need for one or more Governors.

Learning together can only be a positive thing.

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