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National College for Teaching and Leadership

National College for Teaching and Leadership

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LeadershipFrom the DfE website  Read full DfE press release here

The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) is a new government agency created to enable and support the development of a self-improving, school-led system. The agency was formed from the merger, on 2 April 2013, of the National College for School Leadership and the Teaching Agency.

There are two main aims listed on their website:  Aim 1: Improving the quality of the workforce   Aim 2: Helping schools to help each other to improve

Aim 1: Improving the quality of the workforce

The quality of teachers and leaders is the most important factor in improving educational standards for children. We will support schools to take control of their own recruitment and training of teachers through School Direct.

  • We will make this process as simple as possible in response to feedback from schools.
  • Our regional team will work with schools to set up partnerships, help schools in their negotiations with teacher training providers over the cost and content of training, and spread examples of successful practice.
  • Where schools wish to go further and become accredited providers of teacher training, we will help them through this process.
  • We will work with schools to help them embrace the recruitment of  early years teachers (0-5).

We will support school-led licensed providers of leadership development to ensure that this approach is effective in spotting, training and promoting a new generation of outstanding school leaders for the 0-18 education system.

  • We will develop and license provision for school business managers, serving heads and system leaders, ensuring that this draws on the best expertise from education and beyond.
  • We will work with licensees to ensure the model meets the needs of schools, addresses the 0-18 agenda, and is increasingly driven by schools themselves.

Aim 2: Helping schools to help each other to improve

We will encourage schools to develop their own local networks of high quality, school-to-school support.

  • Where necessary, we will help to broker support from national, local and specialist leaders of education and national leaders of governance.
  • We will continue to support the setting up of federations, chains of academies or sponsored solutions where a school has got into more serious difficulties.

We will give teaching schools the support they need to become independent, local hubs of excellence.

  • We will help, where necessary, with the setting up of partnerships that will deliver teacher training and high quality continuous professional development.

We will encourage and support schools to find local solutions to their particular challenges, doing everything possible to remove any barriers in the way of a school-led system.

We will continue to oversee the induction process for teachers and award Qualified Teacher Status. We will support exam officers in schools, promoting best practice and facilitating the efficient collection of examination scripts. We will also uphold high standards of professional conduct through our regulatory role, taking appropriate action in cases of the most serious allegations of professional misconduct.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said:

The creation of the National College for Teaching and Leadership brings together and builds on the excellent work led by the Teaching Agency and the National College. Importantly it will ensure that the best schools are at the heart of teacher training, professional development and school improvement. High-quality teaching and leadership are vital in raising standards in schools.

Charlie Taylor, chief executive of the new agency, said:

The merger of the National College and Teaching Agency makes perfect sense. This is an exciting opportunity, uniting the strengths of both.

Together we will be better able to support the best schools, the best leaders and the best teachers as they lead the system.

You can visit their website by following this link 

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