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NCOGS 2010 – “Strengthening Governance”

NCOGS 2010 – “Strengthening Governance”

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Last Thursday we were fortunate enough to attend the annual conference of NCOGS (National Co-ordinators of Governor Services).  The theme for 2010 was “Strengthening Governance”.

Obviously there are challenges ahead for everybody as budgets tighten and ways of working change, but what struck me was that every single person agreed that this was an opportunity to improve services to Governors.

Everybody was welcomed by Phil Hand of Warwickshire.  David Marriott, of Wiltshire County Council and NCOGS Chair, says there will be new opportunities in the future and from now on, the NGA (National Governors’ Association) will be a key partner of NCOGS.

Liz Cross of The Connectives wondered why School Governing isn’t given more kudos – when it’s already “doing” Big Society and stated: “We can’t be leading Governors like we’re still in the industrial age” (this received nods from around the room). “What we need for governance is higher advocacy”.

Susie Hall, Co-ordinator of Governor Services at Peterborough and Chair of Aspect says e-learning will be important for future of school governor services.

So, Governor Services will have to change; ways of working will need to become smarter if they are to deliver “better for less” following the impending budgetary cuts, and those changes may require a radical re-think in terms of Governor support and training.

Making better use of technology to communicate, educate and engage is one of the more obvious answers for me – and I’m not the only one.  But that technology has got to be fluid, dynamic and versatile; it’s no longer enough to simply have text on a screen.

David Marriott recently gave us an insight into his experiences of Modern Governor within Wiltshire County Council.  He also talked to us as Chair of NCOGS, and gave us his thoughts on the future of Governor networks and the challenge of keeping Governors up-to-date with the ever-evolving face of Governance.

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