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NCOGS Annual Conference 2010

NCOGS Annual Conference 2010

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2 people on jigsaw pieces, about to connect.We’re on tour again!  This Thursday 14th October we’ll be attending the NCOGS Annual Conference 2010 which is being held in Birmingham.  The theme this year is “Strengthening Governance”.  There are few things we enjoy more than meeting our friends in Governor Services, talking about the issues they’re facing and working together on ways Modern Governor can help them.  This year will prove challenging in many ways – communication and collaboration will be vital in order to achieve “better for less”.

Here’s what the NCOGS conference is all about this year (you can download further information from the NCOGS website):

There seems little doubt that 2010 will be a challenging year for Governors and for Co-ordinators of Governor Services (COGS). Both are under pressure to respond to raised expectations from Ofsted, safeguarding, increased accountability and the implementation of the 21st Century Schools agenda. Governors need more support than ever to provide the right level of professional challenge to school leaders and COGS, as the largest pool of knowledge and understanding about school governance in the UK, will be the ones to provide it.

The Birmingham Strengthening Governance Conference has been put together with COGS needs in mind and offers an innovative package that recognises these issues and focuses on providing practical and sustainable solutions that really do tackle the ‘how’.

This event will be the culmination of work that has been started over the preceding months. The theme of ‘stronger governance’ features in the white paper Your Child, Your Schools, Our Future, as well as publications from elsewhere including the National Strategies.

We have big opportunity as COGS to steer this agenda. With this in mind our goal is to produce at the conference a ‘Manifesto for Governance’ covering the following strands:

  • Strengthening chairing
  • Strengthening clerking
  • Strengthening partnerships
  • Strengthening COGS
  • Strengthening professional challenge
  • Strengthening recruitment

This conference will be neither the beginning nor the end of this work, but our goal is to make it a milestone on our path, to the effect of strengthening governance in schools for the benefit of all our work with children.

If you’re attending be sure to come over and say ‘hi’ to me, Mike and Mark!


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