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New Core Safeguarding module: An introduction to safeguarding and child protection

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New Core Safeguarding module: An introduction to safeguarding and child protection

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Subscribers to Modern Governor now have access to a further module in the Inspection and Safeguarding collection, with the Introduction to safeguarding and child protection module available in the mobile-friendly learning format shared with all other Modern Governor modules.

This module is intended to raise our awareness as governors of practical issues around child protection and safeguarding and the processes and procedures involved, so that we can bear these in mind when considering our strategic role in the leadership of schools and academies. This module can be thought of as a grounding in safeguarding for all governors, whereas the forthcoming complete revision of the Safeguarding and school governance module focuses specifically on governors’ responsibilities.

Part of Core Skills

This module is one of the Core Skills modules, which means that it’s intended to help governors develop their skills and understanding in all aspects of their lives – at work and in any other voluntary roles they may have. At the same time, we may encounter safeguarding issues in our day-to-day lives in other roles we my have – something particularly relevant given the developing revelations around the abuse associated with children involved in football clubs, and this module can help us learn how to recognise when a child may be suffering from abuse – and what we can do to keep children safe.

Module structure

This module is broken down into five sections:

  • Introduction – the importance of child protection and how everyone can keep children safe from abuse
  • Signs and types of abuse – describe the different signs and types of child abuse and neglect
  • Other forms of abuse – learn about other forms of abuse including child trafficking, forced marriage and FGM
  • Taking action – learn how to keep children safe and involve Children’s Services
  • What happens next? – understand how professionals assess and use information to decide how to act

As with all Modern Governor modules this module is responsive – which means it works beautifully on smartphones or tablets. Click or tap on the images below to view how it looks on a desktop or laptop computer:

As mentioned, this introductory module should be studied in conjunction with the forthcoming Modern Governor module covering governors’ role in safeguarding. It also includes sections on radicalisation, female genital mutilation and forced marriage – remember that these are covered in more detail in dedicated modules which are available as part of your subscription to Modern Governor.

Accessing the Introduction to safeguarding and child protection module

If your school or academy is a subscriber to Modern Governor then the Introduction to safeguarding and child protection module is instantly available to you – simply log in as normal and either browse to the Inspection and Safeguarding category – or search for the module by name once you’ve logged in to the Modern Governor site.  If you’re not yet a subscriber then you can subscribe today – simply get in touch to find out more – or you can access five of the mobile-friendly modules in a few minutes by signing-up for a free thirty day trial.

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