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New module: Strategic leadership for governors and trustees: obligations opportunities and pitfalls

New module: Strategic leadership for governors and trustees: obligations opportunities and pitfalls

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Modern Governor subscribers now have access to a strategic leadership e-learning module – part of the Introduction to governance collection of modules. This module aims to equip governors and trustees in schools, academies and multi-academy trusts with some much needed thinking and challenge around the vital strategic role which governance plays in setting the direction of these institutions.

The module’s author is Dr Tony Breslin, an educationalist and governance specialist who authored the recent RSA report Who governs our schools? which was detailed on in a series of blog posts here on the Modern Governor blog.

Dr Breslin has also written a blog post on why strategic leadership is such a vital issue in governance – and how it might not always be as cut and dried and some in the governance sphere might assert:

Strategic leadership for governors and trustees: obligations, opportunities and pitfalls

The module’s structure

Click or tap on the images to see some screens from across the module:

The module is broken down into three main sections:

Strategy, direction and the role of the governing board 

This section tackles the always-challenging issue of operational decisions versus strategic direction – to enable governors and trustees to be effective at strategic planning, both as a board and in working with a senior leadership team. It will also help them to be better at measuring progress towards their strategic objectives and identifying any external organisations and networks that might support their work.

Strategic priorities, legal obligations and educational values

This module builds on the understanding of what is meant by “strategic” in section 1 – and will help governors and trustees be clearer about their headline legal responsibilities and more focused on the impact of their work on outcomes for children and young people. It will enable them to be firmly focused on how well their stated educational values and aspirations fit with their strategic plans and how their institutions operate.

The changing nature of strategic leadership in schools

The final section equips governors and trustees to understand the emerging models of school governance, especially with regard to the various models of executive and multi-school leadership. It helps them become better engaged with the communities they serve and ensures that they are aware of a number of the key themes and trends in educational policy that may impact on their work as a board.

How the module works

In common with all Modern Governor modules the module works beautifully on a smartphone, tablet and desktop or laptop compuer., once finished governors and trustees are able to download a personalised certificate in PDF format as evidence of completion of the module.

How to access the module

Any subscriber who logs in is immediately able to enrol on and complete any of the 50+ Modern Governor modules, including this newly updated one. If you’d like to have full access to five of the mobile friendly modules then simply sign up for the free, no-obligation, 30 day trial or contact us to find out subscription rates for your school, academy, MAT, federation or local authority.

Find out more about these modules via our e-learning pages or by browsing all of our  articles related to new and updated learning modules.

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