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New Ofsted inspection regime

New Ofsted inspection regime

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OfstedIt seems the ‘vast majority’ of schools are satisfied with the new Ofsted inspection regime as the first round of results were published by the schools watchdog today.

The revised arrangements, introduced in the autumn, emphasise the role of leadership, the progress and achievement of pupils and the quality of teaching and learning. In addition inspection places much more reliance on classroom observation to judge overall effectiveness.

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools, Christine Gilbert commented, “Greater involvement for senior staff in the inspection process and more inspection time in the classroom, means that the new framework is helping ensure schools are better able to understand their weaknesses and areas in need of development”. 
Figures show that of 3,990 school inspections carried out from September to March 2010, the proportion of schools judged to be outstanding was 11%.

Forty-two percent were judged good, 38% percent satisfactory with 5% given notice to improve and 4% judged as requiring special measures.

A good proportion of schools inspected have shown improvement since their last inspection. Over a quarter of schools (28%) have improved their grade, including 40% of schools previously graded satisfactory, that are now judged good or outstanding at this inspection.

Nearly half (48%) of the schools inspected maintained the same grade as their previous inspection, while nearly a quarter (24%) went down.

The new Ofsted Framework course from Modern Covernor will give School Governors the necessary guidelines and provide links to additional resources with more detailed information.

Ofsted reports that the reaction from schools experiencing the new inspection is positive. More than nine out of ten schools, responding to surveys following inspection, say they were satisfied with the way inspection was carried out.

At Modern Governor we’d like to hear you own thoughts on the new Ofsed inspection regime. Feel free to post your comments on this blog or contact us.

by Lisa

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