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New Safeguarding Course added to the Modern Governor Catalogue

New Safeguarding Course added to the Modern Governor Catalogue

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Modern Governor New Module

Safeguarding and Child Protection is an important subject for school governors. The Governing Body has a legal obligation to ensure that the school is run so that the welfare of the children and young people is safeguarded and promoted.

The Governing Body should ensure that the school has in place the necessary infrastructure and arrangements to support this. It must ensure that there are procedures and policies for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children. These policies and procedures must agree with Local Authority (LA) guidance.  Our course Safeguarding and Promoting Child Welfare looks at the policies your school must have in place and how your school can ensure a safe recruitment process.

Individual Governors must be familiar with and follow the safeguarding procedures and policies, and know who to contact to express concerns about a child’s welfare.

With this in mind we have added a new course to our Modern Governor catalogue, Safeguarding and Child Protection for Non Children’s Service Workers. In it you will learn how to recognise when a child may be suffering from abuse and what you can do to keep children safe.

The Module covers:

  • Understanding the importance of Child Protection and how everyone can keep children safe from abuse
  • The different signs and types of child abuse and neglect
  • How to keep children safe and how to involve Children’s Services
  • How professionals assess and use information to decide how to act

You can find the new course in the Legislation and Policy section of our catalogue.

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