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NGA Bulletin Board July 2012

NGA Bulletin Board July 2012

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July’s cover story focuses on the new publication A Guide to Recruiting and Selecting Headteachers.

NGA has worked with National College to update its resources on recruiting a headteacher and has published a short guide which can be downloaded here.

The booklet includes information on what options are available to you, including where to find the relevant sources of legal guidance. It walks you through each stage of the process, from preparation, advertising the position, attracting good candidates, selecting people for a short list and ultimately appointing a new headteacher.

The July bulletin also looks at the new inspection framework from Ofsted, which will take effect from September 2012. There are a number of changes to the January 2012 framework, including time scales for the notification of inspection. The four areas of inspection remain the same (achievement, quality of teaching, quality of leadership and management, and behaviour and safety of pupils), but the grading system is changing.

Inspectors will be instructed to examine the impact of leaders at all levels, including governors. Inspectors will evaluate how effectively governors challenge and hold senior leaders to account for all aspects of the school’s performance and will consider how well governors:

  • ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • contribute to the school’s self-evaluation and understand its strengths and weaknesses
  • support and strengthen school leadership
  • use performance management systems, including the performance management of the headteacher, to improve teaching, leadership and management
  • ensure solvency and probity and that the financial resources made available to the school are managed effectively
  • operate in such a way that statutory duties are met and priorities are approved
  • engage with key stakeholders
  • use the pupil premium and other resources to overcome barriers to learning.

Other news relates to the TESW and NGA survey results, New draft Primary Programmes of Study in English, Maths and Science and Sir Michael Wilshaw’s address to the NGA Conference.

Download a copy of the Bulletin here: NGA Bulletin Board 07 12

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