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Parents Drinking at School Gates – What Would You Do?

Parents Drinking at School Gates – What Would You Do?

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The Guardian recently reported on a move by a Barnsley, South Yorkshire school to introduce a drinking ban after parents have been repeatedly seen drinking at the school gates.

The Chairman of the board of governors said:

“There have been reports of frequent drinking by parents outside the school as they are disposing of and collecting their children. It’s not nice for the kids to come out and see that.”


Drinking at the school gates is a clear issue, but it’s also indicative of a bigger question:

What can schools and school governors do to influence the actions of parents?

Presumably, the school cannot force parents to stop drinking so it will be down to the police or local council to impose the ban.

The vast majority of parents are undoubtedly supportive of the schools their children attend – but when it comes to issues like discipline, truancy or Jamie’s school dinners not having the support of even a small group of parents can have seriously negative effects.

So what’s the answer? Is it down to school and school governors to make their case more effectively or should we turn to legislation and enforcement?

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