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Pay is not the only way to raise the standard of school governance

Pay is not the only way to raise the standard of school governance

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Here at Modern Governor we have been watching with interest the debate going on around paying school governors following Sir Michael Wilshaw’s recent comments

In an article in today’s Guardian, Lord Bichard argues It is more critical that governors understand their roles and the practical ways to make a difference.

He believes at times school governors can be ineffective, not because they lack motivation or incentive, but because they can lack the confidence and understanding as to what good governance actually looks like.

Governors do what they do because they want to exchange their own particular blend of skills and experience for better education outcomes for children. The rewards need not be financial; governors turn up because they want to make a difference.

Governors need to understand their roles and appreciate how they can practically make a difference; they need examples of where other governing bodies have succeeded and failed. According to Lord Bichard the reality is that a reduction in local government spending has heavily impacted upon the quality of local authority delivered governor support.

He goes on to say that governing bodies need to own the fact that, to all intents and purposes, they are the responsible body for their school. If the school succeeds, they are doing a good job; if it doesn’t, they aren’t. But if they are to fully embrace this accountability, they must be provided with the training, information and support they require in order to be effective. School governors embody the very spirit of the ‘big society’, which is why he believes pay is not the critical issue.

You can read the full article in the Guardian


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  • Julia Skinner (@theheadsoffice)
    Posted at 09:23h, 21 March Reply

    For me as a chair & a retired HT, it is the accountability that is key. A governing body will be effective if the HT realizes the difference an effective GB can make. Govs will undertake training if they understand that they are accountable for the success of the school. When a school does well, very little space is given to the role played by GB. There is little said as well if the school does badly but the GB is removed quickly! If Govs understand their accountability and it is agreed with the HT then governance can become the cornerstone

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