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Public Sector Online Conference

Public Sector Online Conference

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Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend the Guardian’s “Public Sector Online” conference, despite the tube strike!  Learning Pool’s Community Evangelist Dave Briggs was speaking on the closing panel, topic “Innovation in Social Media”.

I tweeted an awful lot yesterday, whenever I heard something interesting – there was a lot of interesting stuff, so apologies for flooding your pages with the #psonline hashtag!

For those who aren’t on Twitter yet, here’s a round-up of interesting stats, cool advice and good people to follow when you do sign up:

There are 75k Gov numbers for public to call, and 200+ call centres, costing £1.6bn (@helenmilner)

We need to consider levels of adult literacy in the UK when building digital services (@carlplant)

How can we encourage local auth to allow staff to access the internet/engage with public? (@shirleyayres)

There should be a trade-off – digital services for those who want them with savings invested in community connectors & education (@ClaireWhite)

Focus on benefits. Document turnaround times have been reduced from days to minutes at RCJ says Kelly (@helenmilner)

It’s about benefits and impact, not necessarily features (@emewalton)

55% of people with NO qualifications are NOT online (@helenmilner)

Implementing BT Care twitter account reduced cost of customer care by 20% (@emewalton)

Analyists predict that mobile devices will dominate Internet access by 2015 @stevelangrick

Just 49% of councils refer out-of-hours callers to their website. “unjoinedupness” (?) (@emewalton)

The more people who use online resources, the more resources there are for offline channels. (@emewalton)

“60% of web visits are for information, not a transaction” (@emewalton)

Before Southwark project 80% of calls going to back offices, they were having 1 conversation with every household every 4 days (@helenmilner)

Don’t think of social media as separate form other website & online offering says @davebriggs

“Technology is getting smaller and more personal” @davebriggs

“Use the best tool available” says @davebriggs

“be bold, be human, be relentlessly positive” says @davebriggs

The police tend to be risk adverse but @mypolice are showing them how (@helenmilner)

Politeness as important online as in person@mypolice

Good forces realise Twitter should be a conversation@ACCatWMPolice

It’s all about cuts – what is the role of tech in effeciency? Asks @gandy

Tech and web is transforming our society, as radical as the printing press says @gandy

‘It’s not about widgets and badges and jamjars, it’s about people’ @wearesnook

Decentralise via the internet, ask people to help, maybe call it big society, says @gandy


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