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Review of Efficiency in the Schools System

Review of Efficiency in the Schools System

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Schools spend a large amount of public money every year, and how they spend it matters. As part of the Budget Statement 2013, the Government announced that it would conduct a review of school efficiency.

For the purposes of this review, efficiency is about the relationship between spending decisions and outcomes, and ensuring that limited resources are used to the best possible effect.

In order to understand better how this relationship works in practice, they want to hear directly from the people that are involved in these decisions on a day to day basis. This is the opportunity for teachers, governors, school business managers, parents, local authorities and anyone with an interest in the education system to have their say about school spending.

In particular they want to know more about:

  • How financial decisions are made in schools and who makes them;
  • The tools and techniques that schools have found particularly effective in achieving greater efficiency; and
  • Whether the right incentives are in place for schools to use their resources more efficiently.

The results will form a report to be published in June 2013. A consultation document is available from their website, and the closing date for putting your responses forward is Friday 10th May 2013.

Consultation responses can be completed online at
or by email to:

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