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School Governor – from the other side of the world!

School Governor – from the other side of the world!

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GlobeAngie Lund is a UK School Governor – despite recently moving to New Zealand!  Learning Pool first met Angie in her role as a Learning & Development Officer for Wokingham Borough Council.  When we heard she was relocating to New Zealand, not only were we sorry to see her go, but we wanted to help her keep up to date with School Governance topics – naturally, Modern Governor fitted the bill!

Here’s a snippet of our conversation with Angie – read the full case study by clicking here.

How did your role as a remote school governor happen?  

“The decision to become a remote school governor came about because the Chair of Governors wanted me to maintain the role after I emigrated to New Zealand with my family. We’ve been working on a very strong development plan for the school with lots of accompanying HR related issues such as staff restructuring, new job descriptions, policies and procedures and I wanted to see this plan to fruition.”

How is technology helping you overcome these challenges?  

“Technology is at the heart of my role of a remote school governor. Email and Skype are the two main tools I use, with the phone being used occasionally. My Head has had a few people issues while I’ve been away and we’ve had Skype video calls discussing what to do and I’ve emailed responses, advice and guidance to him.”

How do you see Modern Governor helping in your role as a remote school governor?  

“As all school governors are volunteers,Modern Governor is an excellent way of learning about the responsibilities of a governor. Modern Governor enables the learner to learn at their own pace. It’s a great way of managing the learning and integrating it into our busy lives, because for governors it’s about finding the time.”

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