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SGOSS September Newsletter

SGOSS September Newsletter

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In September’s Issue… Click here to view the Newsletter in full..

  • SGOSS re-branding
  • IAA Awards; New “Award for Effectiveness Governance”
  • WIN a motivational guest speaker visit from Claire Young
  • Converting to Academy Status module, and Freedom of Information – A Guide for Governors
  • School Governors can translate their management skills into professional recognition
  • Grants for Primary School Academy Chains
  • Trusteeship Opportunities
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Academy Governors – New comprehensive guidance
  • Careers Week 2013
  • Trustees Week – An opportunity to both thank and reward
  • Services for Academies and Free Schools
  • Citizenship Education Opportunities
  • The importance of School and Local Business Partnerships
  • Primary Headship Development Programme
  • Helping young people become employable and work ready
  • New Governing Body Composition Opportunity, and Governing Body Code of practice
  • 82% of the population don’t know what governors do (YouGov Survey)

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Highlights from the newsletter:

New Publication

Expect a November publication from the Charity Commission who have worked in partnership with SGOSS and the DfE to produce a Charity Law Introduction for School Governors; and more news about CSV Make a Difference Day 2012 – –  which will take place on Saturday 27th October. This year the campaign is focusing on the skills people can use to volunteer. From professional expertise in web design, marketing and accountancy to a passion for photography, gardening or beauty therapy – everyone has a skill they can use to help others.

New Governing Body Composition Opportunity, and Governing Body Code of Practice

It is good practice to adopt a Code of Practice at your first governing body meeting of the year. NGA has updated its model Code of Practice for both local authority maintained schools and academies. This resource is free for everyone to download from the NGA website:

Survey results

82% of the population don’t know what governors do (YouGov Survey). School governors control more than 80bn of public money, yet 82% of the population don’t know what they do.

A poll of 1779 English adults conducted for Ten Governor Support service by YouGov revealed that when asked ‘Thinking about all schools in England, Who do you think is primarily responsible for signing off the school budget and managing the performance of the headteacher in England’s schools?’ only 18% replied School Governors/ Board of Governors. 8% cited Michael Gove the Education Secretary, 1% thought it would be the Prime Minister, 15% assumed it would be the local authority and 41% stated that they didn’t know.

However, even taking into account the lack of understanding which surrounds the role of school governors, a separate poll conducted by YouGov of 1,707 adults in England found that 27% would be willing to volunteer as a school governor.

You can read more here

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