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Should school governor training be compulsory?

Should school governor training be compulsory?

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speech bubblesThe National Foundation for Educational Research has published a report titled “Governance Models in Schools“. In it, they state that “Key to effective governance was perceived to be governors having a clear understanding of their role (and its limits) and an understanding of the strategic responsibilities of governing bodies.”

Training forms a huge part of this; without adequate training in their role and responsibilities, how is a governing body expected to reach the right decisions and ask the right questions of their school?

According to the report, barriers to governors attending face to face training include a lack of employer support, a lack of time, variable encouragement from their school, and an unwillingness to travel.

Making training available online is (obviously!) something we support wholeheartedly. E-learning enables governors to learn at a time to suit their busy schedules.  It also allows governors who are unable to attend face to face training an opportunity to undertake training they would otherwise miss.

People tell me that there has to be an element of face to face time for governors to network with their colleagues and to exchange ideas – this might be in the form of networking events or training sessions from their local authority governor support unit.  But is a comprehensive events calendar sustainable from a local authority perspective? If not, will governors expect more from their local association?

We’ve set-up a quick poll on our homepage – and at the time of writing this post, the overwhelming majority think that governor training should be compulsory.

What do you think?

Should governor training be compulsory?

Who would/should pay for it?

Who would/should deliver it?

How would any compulsory training be monitored/tracked?

If training became compulsory, would this discourage people from becoming governors?

Would you expect to be paid for completing any compulsory training?

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