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Special discounts on Modern Governor until 31st July!

Special discounts on Modern Governor until 31st July!

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Modern Governor Discount

Got an additional learning provider for Governor training but looking for something extra?

Modern Governor  is offering a one-off promotional price for those who sign up before 31st July 2010.  To find out what discounts you could receive call 0207 101 9383 or email

Plus, our efficiency savings fly in the face of any budget cuts the government can throw at us. Perhaps that’s why so many schools in the country are using Modern Governor – it provides a value for money in a political environment where fiscal tightening is a serious and ongoing issue.

Doing more with less is a practical reality for schools and in particular the ability to demonstrate return on investment is an essential.
There are a  few other reasons why Modern Governor is so popular:

1. Our content is truly interactive, well designed and focused on engaging your Governors.

2. Modern Governor tracks usage of the e-learning so that users can see their progress against their training plan. Participants also get a certificate.

3. We regularly review our content to make sure that it’s up to date, relevant and reflective of the latest challenge in school governance.

4. Community is at the heart of everything we do and Modern Governor is a key part of Learning Pool: the UK’s largest learning and development community.

5. 40% of COGS are using Modern Governor as part of their SLA to all types of schools.

6. We pride ourselves on our fast track set up process. New customers are set up within days and Governors can be learning almost immediately after deciding to subscribe.

So, to discuss what your options are feel free to get in touch on 0207 101 9383.

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