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Staffordshire Governors are Modern Governors

Staffordshire Governors are Modern Governors

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Mike for WebStaffordshire Governors’ Association had their ‘launch’ event this week at Staffordshire University and the future looks bright with a great attendance by Governors. 

In the absence of Amanda Brook, David Owen from the Staffordshire Governors Association opened proceedings with a ‘welcome’ and coffee, and I took the opportunity to listen in to the speaker’s sessions. 

Staffordshire has almost 400 schools spread across a huge geographical area and the aim of the Staffordshire Governors’ Association is to “give all Governors in Staffordshire a voice to benefit all Governing Bodies, schools and to maximise the education of our children.”

The speakers were well received and full of the kind of practical advice that help Governors feel more appreciative of their entrusted task and better ways to ensure the focus remains on improving teaching and learning for pupils.

Jackie Krafft HMI, National Adviser, Leadership, Management and Governance updated the keen audience on the latest review and the OFSTED inspection process. 

She commented that they have released the evaluation schedule and that it’s recommended reading.  Good questions:  How rigorously do you challenge (note questions asked in minutes to evidence)?  How do you ensure statutory regulations are met?

Gillian Allcroft, policy manager at the NGA, then gave the Governors’ perspective and details of how the organisation fights hard to ensure the role is manageable.  She said that the general feedback was that the inspections by OFSTED so far had been good and most felt that the new emphasis on safeguarding had been dealt with fairly.

Peter Traves from Children & Life Long Learning gave a very entertaining speech (without the use of any technology) and his anecdotal approach to his experiences with Governors and schools was both poignant and valuable.  The role of Governors has vastly changed in the last 10 years and is far more involved. 

It is difficult to challenge a head and yet keep a strong personal relationship with the Headteacher.  The appointment of the Headteacher is one of the most important decisions a GB will ever make.  Data does not tell you how good a school is but rather the questions you need to ask. 

And finally for anyone there I loved the story ending “you may have read it Sir, but I wrote it!”

 Modern Governor supported the event and wish the Association the very best of luck.

 by Mike

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