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Thinking of becoming an Academy?

Thinking of becoming an Academy?

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EducationWe’re currently finalising our content development roadmap for the next 12 months.  This is a fancy way of saying we’re deciding what e-learning modules to develop next for inclusion in the Modern Governor catalogue.

It’s never “final” though – priorities change, needs are somewhat fluid and a topic that’s ‘hot’ today, might be lukewarm (or non-existent) in 6 months time.  Not to mention Mr Gove’s tendency to make big announcements fairly regularly!  We’re lucky that we have Learning Pool‘s authoring tool to develop our modules – it means that we can develop and deploy modules quickly according to needs.

I’m often asked to develop an e-learning module about Academies – how to become one, the pros and cons and real-life experiences of those who have come out the other side.  I also know that a lot of local authorities are trying to pull together this information individually for their governors.

The difficulty is that there are so many unanswered questions at the moment and most information is either heavily “for” or heavily “against”.

As Sean Whetstone says (on his most excellent blog):

“On the subject of Academies I have adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach like many others. My rationale was that there just was not enough information available to have a view one way or another.”

I’m trying to bring together some useful links – please get in touch if you have any more and I’ll add them to this post:

Sean Whetstone’s blog (@schoolgoverning)

Clerk to Governors blog

NCOGS Academy Toolkit

Academy Network


(ps – Is an e-learning module on Academies what you want next? Please vote in our poll!)

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