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Three new safeguarding modules available

Three new safeguarding modules available

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As part of our process of continuous expansion and improvement of the learning modules available to Modern Governor subscribers , three new modules covering topics in the area of safeguarding are now available:

  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM);
  • Honour based violence and forced marriage;
  • Radicalisation.

Knowledge for governors and trustees

These are awareness-raising modules designed to keep governors and trustees informed of these issues and how other agencies work to address them. In the summer term subscribers will have access to, among other major releases, a revised module on the role of governors in safeguarding. Unlike most other Modern Governor modules there are no assessment exercises or knowledge checks as part of these modules – they’re there as reference when governors and trustees might need them. In common with all Modern Governor modules they’re intended to give governors and trustees the ability to have informed discussion around the issues – to ensure that all governors and trustees on a board have a common understanding of an issue, so discussion around it can be from a share understanding of its core elements.

Modules in more detail

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

The Modern Governor FGM module on an iPhone 6This module gives background information to help governors and trustees have a better understanding of the issues around FGM and how a school’s staff and wider community might be affected by it. Teachers have a statutory duty to report incidents of FGM, so this module is intended to raise governors’ awareness of the wider context of the practice. The modules is broken down into eight sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is female genital mutilation?
  3. Scale and spread of the abuse
  4. Why is FGM carried out?
  5. The health complications of FGM
  6. The Law and FGM
  7. Intervention
  8. Summary

Honour based violence and forced marriage

Modern Governor Honour based violence module on a Samsung Galaxy phoneThis module’s purpose is to give governors and trustees and understanding of honour based violence and forced marriage – looking at the concept of “honour”, looking at some of the myths around cultural practices and raising awareness of relevant issues which may effect our school communities. The module is broken down into seven sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is honour based violence and forced marriage?
  3. The concept of honour
  4. Motives and excuses
  5. The Law
  6. The role of Social Care
  7. Summary


This module is intended to give governors and trustees an understanding of the process of radicalisation among children and young people. As governors our role is to take a strategic view of the issues around safeguarding, rather than necessarily getting involved in the practical issues. In governance terms this module should be viewed in conjunction with the forthcoming updated module on governors’ roles and responsibilities in safeguarding, which will be automatically made avaiable to Modern Governor subscribers when it is released in the summer term.Modern Governor Radicalisation module on an iPad Mini

The module takes the form of six sections:

  1. Radicalisation is a safeguarding issue
  2. What is radicalisation?
  3. Risk
  4. The threat to the UK’s children
  5. The role of Social Care
  6. Summary

Responsive, supported online learning

In common with all new and updated Modern Governor modules, these modules are responsive – which means they recognise the device (tablet, smartphone, desktop or laptop) on which they are being viewed and respond by adapting the content to display best on the device’s screen. Subscribers also have access to the Modern Governor support desk from 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am until 5.30pm on weekends and most Bank Holidays for help in any issues with using the modules.

Further modules released shortly

As mentioned above, these modules are part of a wider suite of modules we’re adding to the extensive Modern Governor catalogue – including further Core Skills titles. A specific module on the government’s Prevent agenda will be available shortly, along with an introductory module on Safeguarding and Child Protection – followed by an update to the module which explores what governors’ specific responsibilities are in the area of safeguarding. In the meantime, the FGM, Honour based violence and Radicalisation modules are available now, so subscribers can log in and complete them immediately. If you’re not yet a subscriber, then you can get immediate access to five of the mobile-friendly modules by signing up for a free 30 day trial – all you’ll need is an email address.

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