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Updates to Modern Governor Courses

Updates to Modern Governor Courses

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All Modern Governor e-learning courses are reviewed regularly – it’s a tough, but necessary job!  We’re very proud of our content and so, this time round, I wanted to let you know what we’ve done and why.

We’ve reviewed all of our content to reflect changes in legislation since the election in May 2010 – the last course to be fully updated will be our current ‘Preparing for Ofsted’ course, and this will be released shortly.

The DCSF has become the DfE – and all of our courses refer to DfE.  But it’s likely that Governors will come across both DCSF (and even DfES!) elsewhere, so we’ve included these old acronyms in our online glossaries.

Our courses are at most 2 years old – but the internet is a dynamic beast, and so we’ve checked that every single link to external content is a) still relevant and b) still working (the rebranded DfE were very quick to archive a lot of the DCSF webpages!).

Every Governor who uses Modern Governor courses gets the chance to send us their feedback – we review all feedback received and have made changes as a result.  We’ve reworded some of our questions, rewritten content and enhanced our course descriptions to ensure that they’re of the style and quality our Governors demand.   While our technical gurus were at it, they’ve also developed additional tools which will enable them to make changes to our courses even faster and more efficiently in the future.

We believe that it should be ‘Governor’ with a capital ‘G’ – and so we’ve changed each and every instance of this in our courses.  

Usability of our courses is one of our strengths – we’ve removed any unnecessary ‘clicks’ so that Governors can move around our courses even easier than before. 

Governors told me that our certificates used too much ink – so we’ve changed the certificate templates to save the planet (and save the pennies!). 

Here’s how we’re able to review and update our courses so quickly:

  1. Our team of full-time education consultants and technical wizards, who regularly review our content alongside our subject matter experts
  2. We use the Learning Pool authoring tool, allowing us to change content as and when we choose.
  3. All Modern Governor courses are delivered via our DLEs (Dynamic Learning Environments), so there’s no waiting around for a third-party to upload something for us.  As soon as we update the course, it’s available to all our customers – it’s as simple as that!
  4. We receive fabulous feedback from the thousands of Modern Governors around the country who use our courses.

Of course we never rest on our laurels – we’ll continue to review our courses on a monthly basis, so if you spot something you think is wrong or if you would like to see something included in one of our courses, contact me.


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