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Upgrades to Modern Governor – planned unavailability

Image credit: Sleep by Thomas Hawk - licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Upgrades to Modern Governor – planned unavailability

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What’s occurring?

This summer there are many changes under way at Modern Governor, and as part of this the learning management system – that part of Modern Governor where subscribers access the e-learning modules – is being upgraded to a newer version. We’re also taking two separate learning management systems known as GLADYS and GLP – which are part of Modern Governor – and combining those into the main service.

Why is this happening?

Bringing the three learning management systems together in one place makes it easier for subscribers to get help from the Modern Governor Support Desk and will mean that new modules can be made available to all subscribers more quickly. The upgrade will also give subscribing schools, academies, MATs and LAs more tools to support CPD in the future.

What exactly will happen?

Most regular Modern Governor updates – such as every time we add a new module or update an existing one – are like tweaking the accessories on a moving car.  This particular update is about changing the engine, giving the vehicle a new coat of paint and a complete overhaul, so the site will need to stop for a little while.

This means that the Modern Governor learning modules will be unavailable from first thing in the morning of Monday the 15th August. They should be available again on Friday the 19th August. During this time subscribers won’t be able to access the modules or print certificates from previously completed modules.

During and after this time the Modern Governor Support Desk will be on hand to deal with any queries from anyone using the service – whether they’re in local authority governor services, a subscribing MAT, or an individual  governor in a school or academy. Anyone can contact the support desk on or by calling 0845 0744 114 – support is available from 8am until 8pm on weekdays, and 9am until 5.30pm on weekends and Bank Holidays.

While the site is being upgraded you can follow updates as they come in via the Modern Governor Twitter account and Facebook page – our teams will be working hard to ensure that the upgrade is done in good time and you’ll be able to access your CPD modules as soon as possible.

…and afterwards?

The site will look slightly different but the modules will be accessed in the same way – plus there are quite a few new modules coming in time for the first half of the autumn term. If you have previously logged in to the GLADYS or GLP (Governors’ Learning Partnership) versions of Modern Governor, then after the upgrade you’ll simply remain on the main Modern Governor site. Contact the Support Desk if you have any queries at all.

Image credit: Sleep by Thomas Hawk – licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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