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Welcoming Carol Woolley to Modern Governor

Welcoming Carol Woolley to Modern Governor

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Carol Woolley is joining the Modern Governor team soon.  Here’s Carol’s first blog for Modern Governor – expect to see and hear more of her!


Last week was my Learning Pool half birthday, I have now been a member of #teamlovely for 6 months, and in the ever changing world of E-learning that means time to face a new challenge!
You can read more about me in my first blog entry.
It may be a new challenge in my working life but its back to familiar ground from my personal life as I am going to be joining the Modern Governor team!

I became a school governor in 1996, when my son moved from the Nursery to Reception class at our local First school. I was the only candidate for the vacancy of parent Governor, an all too familiar situation as many schools still struggle to find people willing to take on the role. And so began my involvement with my local school that continued long after both my sons had moved on to Middle and then High school!

When I was no longer eligible to be a Parent Governor I became a Co-opted and then Community Governor, and then finally Chair which saw me pick up the reins as the school moved out of special measures and through a local authority reorganisation where my First School became a C of E Primary School following its amalgamation with a nearby small church school.

I faced many challenges during my governing life, including going into and back out of special measures, three Ofsted inspections, and the transformation into a new C of E Primary school which involved sitting on two governing bodies at the same time for the existing school and new one. I have lost count of the number of staff I have interviewed and appointed, I have worked with 5 different headteachers, and had my fair share of disciplinary and appeals hearings.  I streamlined our committee structure to make meetings more effective and started the long journey of bringing the Governors into the digital age!

But above all I count myself fortunate to have worked alongside some fantastically committed staff, fellow governors and local authority professionals during my time with the school, and the time spent with the children in school, on educational visits and when they have been performing in the community and for family and friends has more than compensated for the hours spent on my governance duties.

It was with some sadness that I handed back the keys to the Governors cupboard a couple of years ago, but a new school needs a new start and I was about to face my own challenges with a change of career.

I am still in touch with staff and the Head and a new school building is nearly complete, the school is going from strength to strength, and I am frequently told there is a place for me should I want to go back ! I have so far politely declined but  who knows what the future may bring?

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